Monday, December 15, 2008

Explain how the Nile River was the the greatest gift for the Egyptians?

Because in every summer the Nile River would flood for a season and when the flood was over it would leave a field of fertile soil.

How did the farmers pay off their taxes?

They needed to use some of their crops they had to work so hard to grow, and the cost depended on how much crops and animals they had.

Explain how farming started in Egypt?

The Nile River would flood once a year for a season and when the flooding was over it would leave a fertile black soil on the field.

If farmers planted seeds, how did they plant them?

A group of farmers prepared a field for planting. A line of men loosened the soil with wooden hoes. Behind them were men scattering seeds into the soil- burying them out of sight of hungry birds, so that the seeds can begin to sprout.

Why were the animals important to the farmers in Egypt?

The cows would give meat, milk and leather. Cows also pulled the carts and plows while donkeys carried sacks of grain and trampled cereal ears to remove their grains.. Sheep and goats gave meat, wool and hides. Geese, ducks and hens gave eggs and meat. Pigs were also kept as meat.